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Your Tweets Make Me Sick

Posted in Internet, Social Media, Uncategorized with tags , , on May 25, 2012 by JE Cornett

Cory Booker

Quick — which of the following statements is an excerpt from Newark, NJ mayor’s Twitter feed, and which are the ramblings of teenage girls on Twitter?

“Starting to realize who my REAL friends are…

“Sorry I make u sick… Best we can do is learn from our mistakes, not let them stop u but make u stronger.”

“There’s always 2 sides 2 every story.”

I’m going to let you stew on that for a moment. Cuz I no its hard 2 tell which is which.

I’m sure Cory Booker is intelligent. I’m sure he’s as qualified for his job as any other mayor in the United States. But if I lived in Newark, whether I voted for Booker or not, I’d be mortified, because this is how Cory Booker reacts when he feels besieged by Democrats and Republicans alike after he decrying Democratic attacks against presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

It’s bad enough when an elected official is engaging critics via a Twitter feed, but when his tweets read exactly like the tweets my teenage nieces and their friends send, I cringe for my country. As my mother would say, “that’s just tacky.”

Cory Booker (and every other elected official/adult/person who should know better):

If you must tweet, and I’m not entirely convinced that you must, seeing your Twitter feeds more as vanity or a continuous stump rather than any public service, could you please make the effort to compose tweets that are not:

  • grammatically egregious,
  • as petulant and silly as those of a pissed-off 16 year-old girl,
  • trite and stupid,
  • cringeworthy.

Better yet, just don’t tweet at all. Kthnxbye?

By the way, the one in the middle belongs to Booker.