Book Beginnings Friday: Still Life With Murder by P.B. Ryan

Here’s how it works: post the first line of the book you’re currently reading, and why it caught your fancy!

Here’s mine, from P.B. Ryan’s Still Life With Murder:

“It’s going to be a bad one.” Dr. Greaves said it so quietly that Nell, sitting across from him in the Hewitts’ glossy black brougham, almost didn’t hear him.

Now if that’s not an auspicious beginning for a mystery, I don’t know what is. Suffice to say it drew me in. If you’re interested, here’s the Goodreads synopsis:

Young Irish immigrant Nell Sweeney is governess for the adopted daughter of wealthy Bostonians Viola and August Hewitt. Nell has become a favorite confidant of Viola. The pair had four grown sons, the eldest two thought to have died in Andersonville during the Civil War. A visit from a family friend changes all that with news that sets in motion a chain of events that has the potential to restore this torn family or to destroy it forever. The news that August receives is that his eldest son Will is still very much alive, though he might not be for long–Will Hewitt sits in jail accused of having slashed a man’s throat during an opium rage. Nell and Viola set out to prove Will’s innocence and catch the true criminal…

So – what are you reading?

And thanks to the Rose City Reader for coming up with this great Friday idea!


12 Responses to “Book Beginnings Friday: Still Life With Murder by P.B. Ryan”

  1. This does sound like a good mystery. Opium rages are no bueno. I wonder what the doctor is referring to…a bad storm? a bad encounter?

    My book beginning is here:

  2. I have that on my Kindle and I need to read it. Thanks for reminding me. Here is my post:
    Book Beginnings

  3. rosecityreader Says:

    A Civil War era mystery sounds very interesting. Enjoy!

    Thanks for participating in Book Beginnings on Friday!

  4. A bad “what” I wonder? A mystery of course … sounds promising!

    Here’s my current read plus I have a giveaway of my featured book starting tomorrow:

  5. Just the fact that these words are spoken very quietly implies secrets and mysteries and not necessarily enchanting ones. Sounds interesting!

  6. I’m with Amber. I wonder what the doctor is referring to, and why he’s speaking so quietly.

    Here’s my Book Beginning.

  7. Thanks for coming by my blog Jeanna! Btw, the giveaway of A Lovely Indecent Departure is ongoing on my blog:

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