This Is News: Shiloh Turns 6, Wears Brother’s Pants

America is divided into two camps this weekend: those who are celebrating Memorial Day, and those who are celebrating the birthday of that most American of concepts, Shiloh Jolie Pitt.

Mind you, I wouldn’t have a clue that the blessed day was nigh if every web portal I’ve encountered in the past three days or so hadn’t reminded me. In the event that this had somehow escaped your notice, Shiloh’s birthday is a matter of great importance.

I’m not even going to dwell on what’s wrong with us as Americans that enough of us are interested in a child’s 6th birthday that we’ve pushed her into Google and Yahoo’s top search terms for the past 24 hours.

No, what I’m more worried about is this article by Katherine Perricone, bless her heart, who, if you want to preserve some corner of your soul by not reading the article, has this to share on the matter of interest of Shiloh’s birthday:

With two older brothers she idolizes, it’s impossible for Shiloh Jolie-Pitt, the daughter of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie who turns 6 on Sunday, not to mimic their style — but the little tomboy actually raids their closets! Over the past few years as she’s traded dresses for cargo pants, Shiloh has stepped out all over the world in fashions her brothers Maddox, 10, and Pax, 8, have already rocked.

That’s right. It’s not enough that we as a nation are concerned about a 6 year-old girl’s birthday that we’re all running to the interwebs to find out about it. We’re also worried about the fact that she’s, horror of horrors, wearing her brothers’ hand-me-downs. Because if some of us were not worried, then Katherine Perricone, whomever she may be, would not be going through paparazzi photos from the past six or seven years with a gimlet eye toward the pants that Maddox and Shiloh Jolie Pitt wear.

In a land of 40+ oz. soft drinks, handguns at Wal-Mart and the Kardashians, this is a new low.


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