Browse on By — Websites I’m Loving This Week

Have you reached the end of the internet? Are your interwebs cob-webby?  Then here, my dears, are a few websites that will make you value you your precious internet access again:

National Journal is full of thought provoking articles, like this one about Muncie, Indiana’s precipitous downfall, and this one about how the game Life reflects — or distorts — American life.

Over at Bridgeman Education, you can waste a few hours scrolling through almost a half-million images of fine art, photographs, and photographs of art, so you can feel much more cultured and refined than you actually are.

Stop by Letters of Note and see why you should be spending your time writing thoughtful, funny, crass or otherwise interesting letters to your loved ones and beloved enemies instead of wasting your time on the internet.

Learn more about the Victorian era than you ever wanted to know by going to Victorian Web.  Disclaimer: it’s called a web for a reason, mostly because it’s shooting off in a million different uptight and horror-stricken directions, but also because it’s sticky.

Got a midcentury home? How about a ranch house with delusions of grandeur? Get thee to Retro Renovation, but don’t blame me if you’re suddenly depressed by your own humble 1960s-1970s era home.

Are you planning your summer vacations, dear readers? If so, visit Defunct Amusement Parks first to make sure you’re not planning a National Lampoon’ family vacation. If you don’t tear up at the sight of the sad wrecks that used to be our national treasures, you’re just mean and I don’t like you anymore.

That’s it. That’s all you’re getting. Now go waste time somewheres else, you sorry varmint.


2 Responses to “Browse on By — Websites I’m Loving This Week”

  1. Thanks so much for the mention! Best wishes, Bridgeman Education team

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